Performance Matters

Super Tractor Oil Universal

If you work in agriculture you know how important your equipment is to productivity. Whether you using tractors, bailers,  trucks or other agricultural machinery,  keeping equipment running during critical periods. This can be difficult because of the harsh conditions and operating conditions.  Farmlube CG4/15W40 make lubrication easier for farmers as this type of lubricant can be used for multiple applications.

Farmlube CG4/15W40  

Diesel oil / Hydraulic oil / Transmission oil / Final drives / Wet brakes


Farmlube CG4/15W40   is a high quality universal mineral oil developed for tractors, combines, harvestors and off the road equipment with or without turbocharger diesel engines. Also designed to lubricate the transmissions, power take-off, final drive, hydraulic system and oil immersed "wet brakes.

Farmlube CG4/15W40   is formulated on high refined solvent mineral base stock in combination with an unique additive package to reach the following properties.* Excellent thermal and oxidation stability * Very good dispersancy and detergency * Excellent cold start properties. * High anti foam, anti wear and anti corrosion properties.

Engine Spec - API CF-4 / CE/ SF / ACEA E3  / GL-4 / GL-5  

Exceeds John Deere JDM 327 / 320A & 320C /  FORD ESN-M2C-159C & FORD M2C 134D  /  Case MS 1207 /  MF M-1127, M- 1135/1139  / MF M 1144 / MB 227.1 / ALLISON C4 & CAT T02 /