Performance Matters

Railroad Oil

         Superail 20w40

Superail 20w40 is a premium locomotive crankcase oils designed to provide optimum engine protection  for high horsepower, turbocharged two and four cycle engines normally found in railroads, marine and stationary power generation units where zinc- free oils are required. They are formulated to an LMOA Generation 6 quality level and are approved and qualified under EMD"S internal listing. 

Superail 20w40 meet the requirements and are compatible with earlier generation railroad diesel engine oils.

Recommended foe Electro- Motive Generation 5 and General Electric 4 Long Life application. Multigrade 20w40 is formulated to provide year-around engine protection with enhanced cold weather start-up performance. Superail Engine Oils utilize the latest railroad oil chemistry that is both zinc and chlorine free to protect engines fitted with silver bearings while helping  to reduce used oil recycling costs and environmental impact.

Excellent detergent, dispersant and anti-wear performance for outstanding engine cleanliness while reducing sludge build- up helping to optimize oil drain  intervals and fuel savings. Good retention of TBN to protect engine against corrosive combustion while meeting the needs of both new and older locomotive engines.

Typical application also includes stationary engines used in power generation, off- shore drilling and mine- haul applications.

Most diesel application such as tugboats, work boats and auxiliary engines that require a zinc- free additive system.