Performance Matters

Marine Trunk Piston Oil

                                                                     FleetDuty Marine 

FleetDuty SAE 30  SG 312 / SG 315 / SG 320 / SG 330 / SG 340

FleetDuty SAE 40  SG 407 / SG 412 / SG 415 / SG 430 / SG 440

FleetDuty Piston Trunk Engine Oil is a premium oil designed for use in modern medium speed diesel engines operating on distillate fuels.

FleetDuty Marine Piston Trunk Engine Oil is based on high quality virgin mineral base oil in combination with an unique additive package to ensure the following properties.

* Superior detergency ensures piston and crankcase cleanliness. * Improved anti-wear property minimizes engine wear. * Excellent thermo -oxidative stability * Protection of engine parts against corrosion combustion products. *  Better demulsibility characteristics ensure water.

* Special rust & corrosion inhibitors prevents corrosion of engine parts in severe salt water water environment. * Excellent dispersancy and detergency properties. * Good protection against "Bore Polishing