Performance Matters

Marine Diesel Engine Oil

FleetDuty MGX  15w40

FleetDuty MGSP 15w40 

FleetDuty MGX 15W40 is a high performance universal mineral engine oil designed for turbocharged and natuuraly aspirated marine diesel engines operating on distillate diesel fuel.

* Excellent thermal and oxidation stability 

* Very high dispersancy and detergency.

* High anti foam, anti wear and anti corrosion properties. 

* Excellent protection against Bore Polishing

* Not suited for engines  with DPF


FleetDuty 15W40 is an extra high performance, high TBN universal engine oil designed for modern turbocharged and naturally aspirated marine diesel engines operating on distillate fuels. Suitable for use with engines with EGR and/or SCR.

* Extra protection against fluctuating fuel quality  * Excellent thermal and oxidation stability  * Very good dispersancy and detergency 

* High anti foam,anti wear and anti corrosion properties.  * Excellent protection against Bore Polishing.  * Extended drain intervals.