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Hydraulic Oil

IFORZO Circulation Oils

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IFORZO Hydraulic Oils

iForzo AW 32     iForzo HV 32  

iForzo AW 46   iForzo HV 46        iForzo AW 68      iForzo HV 68      iForzo AW 100      iForzo HV 100    iForzo HV150

iFORZO is an universal mineral heavy duty anti wear and high viscosity hydraulic oil for high pressure hydraulic systems and light duty gearboxes, bearings and general lubrication.operating under moderate to severe condition. iForzo are formulated to allow rapid shedding of water, quick release of entrained air and also prevent rusting of hydraulic system parts. 

* Excellent stability against oxidation.* Very good protection against wear.* Good water demulsibility.* Very good foaming properties.* Very effective to rust and corrosion.