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Rosser Compressor Oil


Rosser is a high performance ashless air compressor oil specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of major compressor manufacturers.Is suited for for reciprocating air, rotary screw and vane compressors. Can also be used in circulation oil systems, plain and rolling element bearings, lightly loaded gear sets.

Rosser Synth is based on high quality mineral  base oil in combination with an unique  additive  package to ensure the following  properties 

*Excellent thermo- oxidative * Improved equipment reliability, availability and effciency. * Low ash and carbon forming tendency  ensures improved valve performance.  * Reduce potential for fires and explosions in  the discharge systems.  * Exceptional wear against rust. 

* Superior demulsibility reduces oil carryover  and corrosion, maintains, lubrication  efficiency. * Reduces sludge formation and improves life  of coalesces.

Lubricants has a significant influence on the behavior of compressors and their reliability.Its therefore vital that the right lubricant is selected to ensure reliable, economical and safe operation. Refrigeration Compressor oils play an important role in the area of lubricants and lubrication technology.

Rosser compressor oils have a long life due to the high quality base oils used in the manufacturing process. The following product are available.

Rosser 32              Rosser Synth PA 32            Rosser 46               Rosser Synth PA 46           

Rosser 68              Rosser Synth PA 68            Rosser 100             Rosser 150                    Rosser 220