Performance Matters

Commercial Truck Oil

Xtremelube SAE 40   (API CG-4)

Xtremelube  10W40  (API CJ-4)

Xtremelube 15W40   (API CI-4+)

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Xtremelube range  consist of extra high performance universal engine oils designed for high loaded diesel engines in light and heavy commercial vehicles working under severe operating conditions through the whole year for the use in Euro 3, Euro 4, and Euro 5 engines.equipped with EGR and or SCR. Exceeds manufacturers specifications for Mercedes Benz and Volvo engines.

Xtremelube is designed to the unique requirement of the South African market consisting of advanced American, European and Japanese engines burning high or low sulphur. Provides excellent resistance to bore polishing, a high level of wear protection and ensures engine cleanliness at extended drain intervals. 

Recommended for the use in heavy duty four strike turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel engines, both on and off highway. Exceeds all major American, European and Japanese OEM. * Superior de-aeration and anti foam characteristics. * Excellent performance with extended oil drain intervals on low sulphur fuels. * Reduced evaporation loss due to high quality base stock. * Exception soot disperancy, preventing deposit on critical engine components. * Excellent TBN retention effectively neutralizing the acidic by products of combustion.