Performance Matters

Motorcycle 4 Stroke Oil


ISPARQ 4T 5W40 Xtra is a fully synthetic ,4 stroke gasoline engine oil developed specifically to meet the special requirements of the latest high performance air cooled 4 stroke motorcycles. Exceeds API SL and Jasco MA/MA2.

ISPARQ 4T 10W40 is a semi synthetic 4 stroke gasoline high performance 

motorcycle oil operating in a wide range of ambient temperatures.

ISPARQ 15W50 is a semi synthetic engine oil specific designed for use of 4 stroke motorcycles with work under severe conditions and can be used in gearboxes amd wet clutches.

ISPARQ 20W50 is high performance full synthetic engine oil designed for 4 stroke motorcycles with work under severe operating conditions and is can be used in gearboxes.